Exp: 5x 5x 3x
Custom:  Areas, Mobs
Enchant: 16
Substack: 2 in 1 Char
Uptime: 24/7 (99%)

Welcome to L2-Substack.com  

Dear Players

 We would like to introduce you to our server L2- Substack, On this server there are;
No wipes,
No seasons,
No Pay to win.

L2-Substack has a classic core, however it is ‘Not’ Classic game play. We run a modified server which is orientated to ‘Raid Boss Slaying’ with custom ‘pvp’ style mobs and Special Raid Boss Areas.

Our server uses the ‘sub stack’ system in which you play 2 classes from the same race in one mighty char.

This system gives you unlimited control over your character with endless possibilities.

Modified Areas include;

Dungeon of Abyss; is for AOE farmers where you can collect low b grade equipment and a special 'one off' quest.

Alter of Shilen; is the home to level 75 raid bosses who can drop B Grade Weapons.

Prison of Darkness; has high level pvp style mobs who have A Grade recipes as a reward.

Giants Cave; is ‘The Mother of all Dungeons’ where high level Raid Bosses live. A grade equipment and recipes drop here. But watch out they are protected by pvp Kamaels!!

Lilith and Anakim live in separate rooms and dare you to challenge them...

Watching over all the world are the Gods and Goddesses the highest of all raids.

These pvp champions will battle hard and give no quarter and will lay waste to all but the strongest and most resilient of parties. You will need to utilize the sub stack system to its fullest the defeat the Ultimate Opponents.

With other custom mobs and areas, game play is exciting and rewarding as after a long hard battle you may be rewarded with valuable mats and weapons.

This game is designed to give you long lasting fun, being able to play solo, with boxes (2 maximum) but for the best experience, with friends!!

These new areas give players a challenge to work together and create parties using the sub stack system to its full advantage.

You can achieve EVERYTHING in game without spending a dime!

From castle seiges to special events, custom items to the best in Lineage fashion items. We believe we have created a server with a great balance of player vs player and player vs environment. The goal of our server is to give you long-lasting fun without investing money.
Wanna have fun?

Come and take the challenge laid down by the Gods of Aden!

      L2-Substack.com  Your Lineage2 Server

Login server: ONLINE Game server: ONLINE

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